Daily changes in holdings

This page provides you with information about daily changes in holdings of the insider or of their connections. To access this page, select the number of book-entries icon on the Information about the Insider page.

You can search for changes in ownership by giving the dates on the form and clicking the Search button. Changes in ownership are shown only for the period the disclosure requirement is in force. Changes are shown for one year or five years, depending on the organisation.

After implementation of the Central Counterparty clearing (October 9, 2009) so called Supplements can appear on daily changes in holdings. These transactions have been added on by the Insider when CCP has been used in clearing and the Insider has had the obligation to fulfil his/her Declaration of Insider holdings.

Supplements do not affect the starting or closing balance. Instead, they only complement the transaction that comes from the book-entry system. Supplements are sorted according the registration date. However, Supplements do not always follow the complemented transaction because Supplements cannot be linked to the actual Stock Exchange trade.


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